Life is still stressful, but manageable

I decided to do this course because my life is very stressful. I needed to find a way to deal with it as my health was suffering. Mindfulness has brought an awareness to me that is now a natural part of my life. I can “see” my stress as it gets worse and am able to jump in and take measures to alleviate it. Now that I am aware, I cannot be unaware. The exercises have helped me to slow down and stop, take a step back and “protect” myself. I feel better, calmer, more in control. Life is still stressful, but manageable. I would highly recommend this course.”


The first step to self-care

The course came at a time in my life when stress was at its highest for me and I was starting to feel like I couldn’t cope. My mood was low as well as general motivation, self-care and zest for life. The course was the first step to self-care, to try to free myself a little from my frantic mind and it has really helped.


Has skilled me to be less reactive to situations

Has developed my self awareness and my ability to notice harmful stress and has skilled me to be less reactive to situations.

Lovely rapport within group. Excellent delivery of content. Huge benefit personally and professionally.



Helped me deal with stress and anxiety

This course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) has been life changing for me. It has helped me deal with stress and anxiety in a very practical way. It has given me the toolbox of skills and strategies that can help me to manage and reduce anxiety.


Highly recommend it for every one of all ages

“When I attended an “Introduction to Mindfulness” course, I was at a low point and my therapist recommended I try it. I am so happy I did. I used to be in my head all the time. I learned how to get in touch with my body by noticing my breath. I also noticed how much I held my breath. Each time my mind took over I came back to my breathing which helped me to stop ruminating in my head.

I began to stay in the moment instead of looking at the future and especially for me to leave the past behind. I practice mindfulness now each day even without thinking and if I catch myself running away with myself I just come back to my breath. Life is too fast and we need guidance on how to live in the moment. I highly recommend it for every one of all ages.”


I would recommend it to anyone

“I’m currently in 2nd year in NUIG studying Civil Engineering and took part in Mindfulness classes in Tralee last summer. I had never heard of mindfulness before but I figured it would be worth a try.

From the first class on, I found it to be very beneficial. As a beginner to Mindfulness it is hard to be mindful during your daily life but it was nice to just practice it for an hour or two a week. As the weeks went on we tried to introduce mindfulness into other simply daily activities like drinking a cup of tea. I thought this was a great idea as it was slowly bringing mindfulness into our daily lives.

This semester I found that there were mindfulness classes going on campus and I attend them every week. I’m happy I’m able to continue my mindfulness practice here and I will continue it throughout my life and I would recommend it to anyone.”


Taught me how to quiet my mind

“The course taught me how to quiet my mind and tune into all the different parts of my body. It also taught me the different ways I could carry out being mindful. For example when I am sitting down, lying down, walking and standing.

Learning to connect with my breathing in the right way was a great help for me. I found that when I listened to my breathing, my mind was clear. I carry out this method very often in my everyday life. I find it helps me if I am worried or stressed about everyday challenges in my life. I can deal with these challenges in a less stressful way and it also helps me to live in the moment.

For me, the mindfulness course was a great experience, I have come to realise living in the moment is far more enjoyable, then looking back in the past and trying to create my future.”


I find my breathing to be more relaxed

“Before the course commenced I had a concern about being part of a group,
something I used find challenging and even daunting. With the Mindfulness class however, such concerns soon dissipated and I found the atmosphere warm and supportive. There was no sense of force in the class or any neediness to achieve evident.

I had expected that in exercises like the Bodyscan a difficulty may arise in trying to follow instruction while at the same time listening to further instruction. To my surprise this presented no obstacle whatever. All went very easily and smoothly in that regard.

Another surprise was during the home exercise when I found that eating with mindfulness meant enjoying more the taste of the food. I think that the most lasting effect of the course for me is the awareness of the breath. I now find my breathing to be more relaxed, more shallow and slower.”


Very beneficial

“Both courses were very beneficial to me. It has helped me daily to cope with stress & worry due to illness. I’m more relaxed; I sleep better and live in the present. I intend to continue to use the mindful practices introduced in the course as often as I can.”


I’m still learning how my mind and my thoughts work

“I am a physical therapist. It is a stressful job as I deal with a lot of pain and anxiety about pain. I attended 2 mindfulness courses with Susan. Using the mindfulness techniques Susan taught me, I’ve learnt to meditate and unwind and not hold onto anxieties. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m still learning how my mind and my thoughts work. Thanks.”