• This was the best online course I've ever done; clear, really well paced and well thought out for online format.
  • Susan did really well with the online side of the course and had herself set up well to deliver all aspects of the course.
  • Many thanks to Susan for the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile, beneficial and enjoyable online course. It was great!
  • I loved the whole experience and meeting everyone else during the course!
  • What was most helpful was the warm engagement with Susan, non-judgmental, open and community with others.
  • The online course went well and while my personal preference would be in person, I could not have availed of this course in person with the distance so online was ideal.

Professional Organisations

  • Pat  O’Leary, Programme Coordinator, MSc. Mindfulness Based Well-being
    Susan is an excellent mindfulness teacher. She has a strong and committed personal mindfulness practice and from this practice teaches mindfulness to students bringing insight, wisdom and clarity. She has an excellent knowledge of the Buddhist tradition which enriches her teaching and supports students in their learning. Susan brings great vitality and energy to her teaching and also to her mindfulness supervision.
    Pat O’Leary, Programme Coordinator, MSc. Mindfulness Based Well-being
    University College, Cork
  • Joan Murphy - Nurse Lecturer
    Susan has delivered mindfulness-based stress reduction classes to our final year nursing students, both onsite and via zoom for several years.  This is always positively evaluated.  Students embrace its practical application to their everyday life in its promotion of awareness and self-care, which then logically impacts their care of others.
    Joan Murphy - Nurse Lecturer
    Munster Technological University
  • Healthy Kerry and the Kerry Mental Health and Wellbeing Fest committee
    Kerry Mental Health and Wellbeing Fest engaged Susan Barrett to deliver the mindfulness sessions of the Mindful Moments and Chair Yoga series that was held online in December 2020. As these sessions were held live, online and in webinar mode, it unfortunately meant that Susan was unable to see her participants. However, owing to Susan’s passion, experience, and general likeability she was able to engage this online audience and received glowing feedback. Susan Barrett comes highly recommended from Healthy Kerry and the Kerry Mental Health and Wellbeing Fest committee and we will be keeping her in mind for similar events in the future.
    Healthy Kerry and the Kerry Mental Health and Wellbeing Fest committee
  • Dolores Gallagher, Carer’s Programme
    Susan Barrett has delivered Mindfulness programmes to Carer’s and Family Members within Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s Carers Programme.  Susan shared her skills, insights and expertise in a manner which was accessible to all.   Susan is very practical in her approach and gives Carer’s excellent tips and Mindfulness tools to practice once the sessions are over.  Susan’s knowledge and expertise in coping with stress, anxiety and general health is exceptional and we look forward to working with Susan in our on-going work with Carers and Family members.
    Dolores Gallagher, Carer’s Programme
    Acquired Brain Injury Ireland


  • Denise
    The MBSR course for me was a chance to find a way of managing stress in a more productive way and it completely did that. I came away from the course with strategies to help me in responding to stress and also with a new mindset on how my reaction to stress could change too.
  • Cliona
    The MBSR course is just fantastic. Like physiotherapy, if you do the work you will realise changes. Susan is a wonderful facilitator. Deeply knowledgeable yet humble, with a real passion for mindfulness and an amazing capacity to communicate and share the skills.
  • Claire
    I attended an “Introduction to Mindfulness” course. I found it excellent from the presentation and content point of view. I liked the fact that no unrealistic claims were made. Everyone's experiences of our mindfulness practices were upheld as valid --- even if these experiences were very different.
  • Fergus
    I am a physical therapist. It is a stressful job as I deal with a lot of pain and anxiety about pain. I attended 2 mindfulness courses with Susan. Using the mindfulness techniques Susan taught me, I've learnt to meditate and unwind and not hold onto anxieties.
  • Tess
    For me, the mindfulness course was a great experience, I have come to realise living in the moment is far more enjoyable, then looking back in the past and trying to create my future.
  • Margaret
    I practice mindfulness now each day even without thinking and if I catch myself running away with myself I just come back to my breath. Life is too fast and we need guidance on how to live in the moment. I highly recommend it for every one of all ages.