For those of you who would like to refresh your mindfulness practice during Autumn 2019, I’d love you to join me for a special practice day…

Sunday 24th November in Baile Mhuire Day Care Centre, Balloonagh, Tralee 10.30 am – 4.30 pm. 

This day will focus on the psychology and philosophy underlying the curriculum of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme and contemporary mindfulness in general. It will pay particular attention to the 5 HINDRANCES,  those obstacles that can cloud our mind and make practice (and life itself) challenging.

Those of you who have already taken part in the Mindfulness Based Stress (MBSR) programme may know that as well as emerging from the areas of Western Psychology, stress physiology and neuroscience, the foundation of the Mindfulness Based Stress (MBSR) course is based on core teachings from Buddhist philosophy. These teachings are still very much current and relevant to our everyday lives. In fact, some would say that the Buddha was a the forerunner in the understanding and development of cognitive behavioural therapy!

This special day will present some of these teachings in a practical and accessible way. We will consider questions such as:

What causes suffering in our lives? What prevents us from being happy and contented? How can these teachings support us in dealing with the challenges and stresses of our daily lives? 

The day will include a presentation, guided reflections, group discussion and also…… plenty of practice!!

Cost: I would like to make this day as accessible as possible so am offering 3 payment options:

Option 1: If you feel you can afford it, €50 would be much appreciated.

Option 2: If you are living on a reduced income, €35 would be much appreciated.

Option 3: If you are struggling financially, €20 or whatever contribution you can offer would be absolutely fine.

However, a booking deposit would really help with the planning of the day so please forward a booking deposit of €20 /€10 by using my secure payment system.


My usual little biscuit tin will be available on the day for you to contribute the balance according to your means.