Practice Sessions

Special Workshop coming up……

Working with Challenges in Mindfulness Meditation

Please join me for this special workshop!


Date: Saturday 22nd April 2023
Venue: Killarney Racecourse
Times: 10.30 am – 4.30 pm.

When we first begin to practise mindfulness meditation, we quickly encounter a range of challenges. Our minds can feel busy, distracted, restless, anxious; we fall asleep easily or “zone out”, we want things to be different in some way, we doubt ourselves. All of these challenges are normal and occur commonly in our practice. Not only that, they often show up in the life we are living.

These challenges have been described in Buddhist philosophy as ” The 5 Hindrances or Veiling Factors“. Identified over 2,500 years ago, and written about extensively since, these Hindrances have much to teach us about the nature of our own minds and the ways that we can, at times, feel hijacked by thoughts and emotions.

During this special workshop, I plan to introduce you to these 5 Hindrances or Veiling Factors – what do they look like when they show up, what thought processes accompany them, how do they feel in the body? Most importantly, how can our knowledge of them support us in working with them?

The workshop will offer you opportunities to reflect on your own experience of meeting these Hindrances, both in your practice and in your life. We will engage in a range of practices on the day – body scan, awareness of breathing, gentle movement, mindful walking. I hope the day will be informative and supportive but also nourishing for you.

In order to participate in this special workshop, it is best if you have some prior experience of mindfulness.

I am offering this workshop on a sliding scale of €70 – €50. However, as always, I like to support you to take part regardless of your financial circumstances so please know that you are welcome to take part and offer whatever contribution fits with your current means.

To facilitate planning for the day, I will need to ask you to book in advance, rather than drop-in. Spaces will be limited for everyone’s safety and comfort so please send a deposit of €30 to secure your place. If you have any queries about the session, please feel free to contact me below.

Who are Practice Sessions suitable for?

Practice sessions are suitable for anyone who has already taken part in an introductory mindfulness course or the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme. If you have taken part in a course with another mindfulness teacher and we haven’t yet met, you are still more than welcome!

The intention of each session is to support you to continue your commitment to mindfulness practice. I also hope that taking part in these sessions may help to deepen your experience of mindfulness and support you to integrate it more fully into your everyday life.

What can I expect to be doing during these practice sessions?

Each Practice Session will offer you some quiet time allowing you some head space and time for self-care.

Sessions will be practice based and will include a range of mindfulness practices, including mindful breathing, sitting meditation, guided body scan meditation, gentle movement and walking meditation. Each session will introduce a different theme for reflection and practice and also some group dialogue.