5 week Introductory courses


Introductory in-person courses in Kerry are currently on hold. However, I hope to schedule an Introduction to Mindfulness course ONLINE during this term.

If you would like to register your interest in the next Introduction to Mindfulness course, please contact Susan HERE to express your interest and you will receive an update as soon as the course in scheduled.

What to expect on this course:

Introductory courses provide an opportunity to learn about Mindfulness in a relaxed and supported way....classes run for one session per week for an hour and a half for 5 weeks. Each session is practical with a focus on developing your own mindfulness skills and practice that will assist you in everyday life.....

Course Outline:

The skill of mindfulness is taught through formal and informal mindfulness practices. Formal mindfulness meditation practices are introduced during this course and include mindful breathing and sitting meditation, guided body scan meditation, and gentle movement. The course includes a 20 min guided CD or digital link, whichever works best for you.

Informal mindfulness practices are also introduced as a support to integrating mindfulness into daily life.

While the programme provides an overview of the philosophical underpinnings of mindfulness, much of the content is practical.

Because of the experiential nature of mindfulness, participants are encouraged and supported to undertake short home practices between classes. During classes, there are opportunities for group dialogue and the chance to discuss participants’ experience of home practice and to examine skilful ways of dealing with challenges arising. While classes are designed to support participants to bring awareness to the present moment, they are not intended to involve group therapy.

Who is the “Introduction to Mindfulness” course suitable for?

This course is suitable for those who are completely new to mindfulness practice as well as those who are already familiar with mindfulness and wish to deepen their practice with the support of a group.

2 thoughts on “5 week Introductory courses

  1. Paul

    ‘Glad I took the chance and joined the course’

    I completed the ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ course in December in Tralee. It was excellent. November and December are the busiest months of the year for me, I find that I’m operating at burn-out speed with very little rest or relaxation.

    While doing the course, I could deal with anxiety and stress far better than I have done at any other period of the year. I am really impressed. Family, friends and work colleagues notice the difference.

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