Group Supervision/ Masterclasses

Masterclasses – How to devise and facilitate an introductory mindfulness course……

As all Mindfulness teachers know, engagement in regular supervision and continuing professional development (CPD) whilst actively teaching is an important cornerstone in upholding the integrity of our work and maintaining our professional standards.

Through my work as a Mindfulness-Based Supervisor as well as my own experience of teaching, I have become aware of the changing contexts in which many mindfulness teachers are now offering their work. Some teachers have reported challenges with filling MBSR courses, others are sensing that it may be necessary to offer shorter mindfulness programmes that would have a broader appeal.

However, lots of teachers express uncertainly regarding the shape and content of introductory programmes. How long should they be? What practices should be included? Should didactic elements feature?

To respond to these and many other questions pertaining to introductory mindfulness programmes, I am offering a series of Masterclasses which will address all the considerations in devising and running introductory courses. Please see dates and times below.

The Masterclasses will be reflective and interactive, building on the knowledge and experience you already have in this regard as well as covering issues that you may not have considered. I have taught 50 + introductory mindfulness courses and hope to share some of my learning with you.

(Please note that participation in all 3 Masterclasses is recommended as we will be building a sense of group as well as giving detailed consideration to the topics at hand.)

Topics will include:

  • What is an appropriate length of time for an introductory course?
  • How long should each class be?
  • Should there be a home practice requirement?
  • Should didactic elements be included?
  • How to assess suitability for an introductory course?
  • How to maintain the essence and integrity of our work in a shorter time frame?
  • How should the inquiry process be conducted?

Through compassionate presence and mutual inquiry, these Masterclasses will enable you to reflect on various aspects of your teaching, prepare you to adapt your  teaching to a different format and offer you an opportunity to connect with other teachers.

Here are the practical details:

Dates and Times:

Wednesday 22nd May    6.30 pm – 8.15 pm

Wednesday 5th June      6.30 pm – 8.15 pm

Wednesday 19th June    6.30 pm – 8.15 pm

If none of these dates work for you but you would like to express your interest in this particular Masterclass at a future date, please register your interest HERE.

With a view to accessibility and affordability, this Masterclass series will be offered @ €45 per person per session. Total cost will be €135 per teacher. To reserve your space, please forward a deposit of €45 through the BOOK NOW button below.

I am excited about this new undertaking and hope that it will be a support for you in your teaching.


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