Drop In Practice Sessions

Who are Drop In Sessions suitable for?


This particular drop in session on Saturday 22nd May is on the theme of GRATITUDE.

Drop In sessions are suitable for anyone who has already taken part in an introductory mindfulness course or the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme. If you have taken part in a course with another mindfulness teacher and we haven’t yet met, you are still more than welcome!

The intention of each session is to support you to continue your commitment to mindfulness practice. I also hope that taking part in these sessions may help to deepen your experience of mindfulness and support you to integrate it more fully into your everyday life.

What can I expect to be doing during these practice sessions?

Each Drop In session will offer you some quiet time allowing you some head space and time for self-care.

Sessions will be practice based and will include a range of mindfulness practices, including mindful breathing, sitting meditation, guided body scan meditation, and gentle movement. Each session will introduce a different theme for reflection and practice and also some group dialogue.

Do Mindfulness practice sessions work ONLINE?


I have been certified by East Coast Mindfulness, USA to deliver Mindfulness courses ONLINE. I have adapted the content of all my mindfulness courses, sessions and workshops so that you will be able to experience the benefits of regular mindfulness practice through an online format. Plus, there is the added benefit of taking part in the course from the comfort of your own home!!

If you would like to know more about these Drop In sessions you are welcome to contact me here and I would be happy to chat to you.

What will best support your participation in online practice sessions

  • A laptop or computer with a functioning camera, microphone and speakers.
  • A reliable and reasonably high-speed internet connection.
  • We’ll be using Zoom, a video conferencing application that you can sign up with for free. Zoom needs to be downloaded to your computer in advance. If you haven’t yet opened a free Zoom account, you can click HERE to do so and to find out more about Zoom.
  • A quiet space in your home where you can take some time out without being disturbed.

If these optimum conditions are not available to you right now, please LET ME KNOW and I would be happy to support you to take part in whichever way you can.