About Me

I am an experienced Mindfulness teacher, certified to teach Mindfulness both online and in-person and have been committed to a practice of mindfulness meditation for over 30 years. I have extensive experience of group facilitation. I am passionate about supporting others to find more ease in their lives through mindfulness.

In my 20’s, I spent a few years travelling around Asia where I was introduced to Mindfulness Meditation. Based on Buddhist psychology and philosophy and now incorporated into Western science and medicine, the practice of Mindfulness Meditation transformed my life. It has helped to hold me steady throughout many challenges in my life such as illness, loss and grief, and as well as the day to day challenges of managing busyness and juggling the balance of work and home life.

Although originally from Dublin, in 1989, I settled on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula in the South West of Ireland.

Professional Bio

  • Trained and certified by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachussetts Medical School (CFM) under the guidance of internationally renowned mindfulness meditation teachers, Saki Santorelli, Florence Meleo-Meyer, Carolyn West and Dr. Judson Brewer.
  • Trained and Certified by East Coast Mindfulness to deliver Mindfulness courses ONLINE.
  • MBSR Teacher Trainer on the Masters in Mindfulness Based Wellbeing in University College Cork (UCC).
  • MBSR Teacher Trainer experience with the Center for Mindfulness, Massachussetts and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).
  • Trained in Supervision of Mindfulness Teachers by Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP), Bangor University, Wales.
  • In-depth training in Supervision of Mindfulness Teachers with Lot Heijke, Netherlands and colleagues.
  • Trained in use of MBI:TAC Levels 1 and 2 to assess Mindfulness Teachers with Rebecca Crane, of Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP), Bangor University, Wales.
  • Trained in Mindful Self-Compassion with Dr. Chris Germer, of Harvard Medical School.
  • Trained in delivering Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleavan.
  • Undertake regular supervision for my work with Dr. Bob Stahl, California.
  • Associate Teacher with Centre for Mindfulness Ireland.
  • Active member of the Mindfulness Teachers Association Ireland (MTAI).
  • Adhere to the Standards for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Ireland which includes a high standard of ethics in relation to the teaching and practice of mindfulness.
  • Continue to develop my personal Mindfulness meditation practice by participating in regular retreats and training programmes orientated for teachers of mindfulness.
  • Qualified from St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth with a BA degree and a Diploma in Community Work.
  • Worked in Community Development Consultancy for 3 decades a range of statutory and voluntary agencies assisting them with change management, strategic planning, conflict resolution and goal setting.
  • Trained in Mediation and Conflict Resolution with Roundtable Mediation, Cork.