What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness teaches us to pay close attention to what is happening right here, right now, in this present moment, with an attitude of kindness towards ourselves and our experience. It is a way of being fully present and awake in every moment; a way of relating to all of life as it unfolds.

What I can do for you

I'd like to welcome you into a supportive, reflective online space, support you to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Enhance your professional development.

About Me

I am an experienced Mindfulness teacher, certified to teach Mindfulness both online and in-person and have been committed to a practice of mindfulness meditation for over 30 years. I have extensive experience of group facilitation. I am passionate about supporting others to find more ease in their lives through mindfulness.

How I work

I bring to my work over 30 years of commitment to a personal mindfulness meditation practice, extensive experience of group facilitation, knowledge and understanding of Buddhist philosophy and psychology as it relates to everyday life and a deep interest in what it is to be human.

Online Testimonials

  • This was the best online course I've ever done; clear, really well paced and well thought out for online format.
  • Susan did really well with the online side of the course and had herself set up well to deliver all aspects of the course.
  • Many thanks to Susan for the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile, beneficial and enjoyable online course. It was great!
  • I loved the whole experience and meeting everyone else during the course!
  • What was most helpful was the warm engagement with Susan, non-judgmental, open and community with others.
  • The online course went well and while my personal preference would be in person, I could not have availed of this course in person with the distance so online was ideal.

Enjoy a pocketsized meditation

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Upcoming Events

I offer regular online Mindfulness events, including courses and workshops. To keep up to day with these events, please look at my Upcoming Events calendar.