FREE ONLINE MINDFULNESS SESSIONS for week beginning Monday 30th April

(all times are in GMT/Irish time)

    1. Monday 30th March    - 5 pm       Login here

    2. Wednesday 1st April    - 7 pm          Login here

    3. Friday 3rd April             - 12 noon        Login here


    1. If you are connecting using a laptop or PC, when you click the LOGIN HERE above, you will be asked to OPEN ZOOM meetings or DOWNLOAD AND RUN ZOOM.

    2. If you are connecting using your mobile phone, you will first need to DOWNLOAD THE ZOOM APP and then click on the link.

    3. The Zoom programme allows all of those present to see each other on the screen. The wonders of technology! However, if you prefer not to use your video when you join and instead connect just with audio, that is absolutely fine. You are welcome in whatever shape or form! 

    4. Each session will last approx 30 minutes.

    I will guide each session and will include a range of mindfulness practices, including grounding practices, awareness of breathing, body awareness and sound practice. I'll also include consideration of how our mindfulness practice can be used in daily life at the moment to manage the overwhelm and anxiety that so many of us are currently facing.

    In light of the very serious global pandemic, I have postponed all Mindfulness courses until we are informed by the HSE that it is safe to re-commence.

    This is a time of great uncertainty and many of you may be feeling anxiety and fear, normal human responses to what are extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances. More than ever we are seeing the many threads that connect us to each other whether locally, nationally or globally. This crisis calls for us all to play our part in finding ways to respond to each other with compassion and care.

    The world needs mindfulness now more than ever as we all try to hold ourselves steady and manage the levels of anxiety that are reflected all around us and that seem impossible to avoid. Finding creative ways to support and connect with each other seems pressing.

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